A long Awaited Update:

Ohhh where to start… where to start? Well… I guess I should start where I left off… well.. I said I would write about Bruce Jackson, Thank-you to everyone whose been patient enough waiting for it… You’ll understand in a bit why.. :)

Meeting Bruce Jackson is something I will never forget in my life… I’m like any normal American when I say I like my personal space… Like any normal American 4-5 feet is comfortable with me… While other cultures prefer to hold hands while talking, or stand nose to nose in what seems for us a shouting match. Thats what they call normal… Mr. Jackson, walks right up to me, 6 inches from my face, and greets me with a loud “Hello! Bruce Jackson!” While vigorously shaking my hand. Big personality. We bring a horse out for him to check and treat. He proceeds to rub the horse down with his hands, pushing, proding, and pulling. He announces basically that this horse is just.. shot. Let me rewind a little bit and say this horse was gorgeous… but a little bit on the pistachio side.. I say that.. because you have your regular peanuts… you know.. the common nut, always predictable.. Then you have a pistachio.. most of them look really good.. but some taste so bad, you almost don’t want anymore after eating it.. Yep. Here he was… Gorgeous, a sweetheart.. but buck as crazy sometimes.. Bruce announced that his bladder, liver, lungs, pancrease, rear axel, and pistons were shot.. And that the new prospect owner should pass over this bad nut. Rewind Again; Bruce had looked over a horse at one point and said “Retire him.” Something was wrong with his hips, and Bruce said, “If you jump him, like you plan to do. You’re going to break his pelvis, and be out a horse.” Well.. said owner blew off Bruces warning, and continued to jump him anyways. Not long after, said prediction came true, and the horse had to be put down on the jump course… Sad, but from my understanding. True. Fast Forward to the present… Brue did acupuncture, chiropractic work, and kinetic (correct usage?) work on some of the horses.. And all of them improved when we followed the prescribed treatment.

On to my most recent news… I’m back in Michigan. *boo* Unfortunately while working with a horse who was put under my training, under someone elses training I took a fall and now have three transverse process fractures.. My L2 L3 and L4. And, I just went to the doctors two days ago now. They’ve decided to bake me like a potato and do an MRI now bc they think I may have more fractures than they initially thought.

Bed rest here I come! It sucks… honestly. But it looks like I’ll be updating this with a little more frequency… :)

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A Funny Ad….

Just a little something to let everyone know I’m still alive. Copied from Fugly Blog, it made me laugh. Hope it can do the same for everyone else-

Used purple pony halter – $600

I have a used bright purple pony halter for sale. Adjustable and in fairly good condition.

A pony will be included with the halter. I currently call this pony “Juicy” although he goes by many other names as well, depending on my mood and his behavior.

This pony is just waiting to become someone’s little dream pony.

This 12.2 hand, 7 yr old pony is fantastic, if you are into the type of equine that is is constantly invading your space/vehicle, etc.

He believes he needs to be everywhere you need to be, especially when food is present.

He is in great shape, if you consider round a shape.

He never met a horse trailer he didn’t like and climbs in them every chance he gets, whereupon he immediately puts his feet up on the manger so he can look out the window. He made it halfway in the back of my car the other day before I noticed and sped off.

He LOVES little kids, especially little kids with treats. He will eat them. (the kids, not the treats) Just kidding.

This pony has been worked over 2’6″ jumps and lunged over 3’3″ jumps. However, he likes jumping my 4 ft. pasture gates the best.

He could absolutely be someone (else’s) dream pony.

He’s very affectionate, both with people(especially women) and horses(especially mares). This little guy is the

neighborhood gigolo. By affectionate, I mean he will have no issue invading your personal space/private parts, if you know what I mean. He sticks his nose wherever he wants. With mares, he is lucky he is quick because he will mount mares, even the ones who have “a headache.” He is not at all discriminating, although I’ve noticed he likes the fuller figured gals. His absolute favorite is mounting a mare while a woman is on the mare. Ask my friend Lisa, I’m sure she considered that a good time.

And when rejected? You can see that he is clearly thinking that the female is merely playing hard to get. This just makes him more determined.

This porky little guy very much thinks that he’s got what the ladies want, even if they don’t know it yet. He reminds me of the little guy at the bar who hits on everybody, whom you practically have to blow an air horn in his face to get rid of.

This pony has been on television, which probably adds to his ego trip.

He could be the perfect little dream pony(for someone else).

He walks/trots/canters/jumps, takes trips to the mailbox and to check the waters, goes trail riding, swims, poses on stripper poles(ask me), tests your trailer floor weight limits, tests your trailer emergency walk through doors, taste testsanything and everything, steals food from blind horses, tried to mount my dog(it is a big dog), stands tied patiently to theswing set while my son swings, loves to roll in the sand box, allows little kids to mount him from lawn chairs, buckets, swingsets, clubhouses, ladders, gates, side of the trailer and anywhere else, pulls little kids on sleds in the snow, tries to decapitate adults by running them under arena railings, and so much more.

Did I mention that he could be the perfect little dream pony(for someone else)?

“Juicy” is also a fantastic workout companion. I think I’ve lost at least 15 lbs since I’ve had him. I’ve never run so much in my life, either after him or from him. Though his little flabby butt cheeks closely resemble two pigs fighting under a blanket, he got me in wonderful shape.

I firmly believe he’s a dream pony (someone’s else’s dream, that is).

Call me if you want a used purple halter and are a glutton for punishment.

This is an actual Craigslist ad, but for their sanity, I didn’t link it here. :)

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Rocked me like a Hurricane..

Ok, Welcome to Florida weather Ms. Michigan Girl… And as a welcome present, we’re going to hit your laptop power cord with lightning!…

Now I know why surge protectors were invented.. And, now I don’t have a charged laptop. Good thing the power cord itself had a surge protector on it… haha, so my battery just died. So, that means my loyal readers that I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to get on here to update, since money is tight, not that I update that often anyways……

Ok, a quick post on Bruce Jackson, I swear I had a rough draft made to post and was working on fine tuning it and such… then the battery power warning came on, then my screen went black. If you’re a laptop user, you know that dreaded little pop up…

Bruce! I’m a normal American when I say I like my space. I keep a comfortable 18 inches between me and the next person with ease and see no problem with doing so… Well, Bruce likes to greet and smile and get real close to say “Hello! I’m Bruce!” Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great man, its just not something I”m used to.

While working on the horses the energy in the barn seemed to change. Bruce himself has a very positive energy about him, and all of the horses love him too. He can point out malfunctioned livers, pancreas,lungs.. you name it, this man finds it most of the time.

Unfortunately, I have so much to write and so little time. Please try to be patient while I gather some funds to buy a new laptop power cord..

Thanks guys!

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These are the Days I’ll Remember…

Cindy, Beth, Christy, and Myself went to the springs tonight… Local wonders in my eyes. Maybe its my love for natural beauty. Cindy and Beth are my roommates, Christy is a new working student from Germany who just flew in… 3 nights ago?… Maybe two. Anyways, I always just love walking down the road to the springs, and enjoying the sounds from nature, and getting to the water and the noise gurgling just washes over your ears, instant stress relief for me. Water is just such a natural calmer for me.. When I’m feeling sad, angry, anxious, whatever it is. I just close my eyes, breathe evenly, and imagine a beautiful ocean scene, waves thundering on the shoreline, Willets skimming the water. I always put a beautiful orange and pink sunrise with it, just enough clouds in the clouds to round out the calming effect. Works like a charm for me and I relax instantly… But to snap back to the springs.. They’re on the Suwanee River which is beautiful. Its just perfect, I’ll end that there.. Hahah.

On to work, its going great! I’m actually going to link a couple of sites here…

http://www.iriseppinger.com/ This is the person I owe all of my lessons and learning to here. She keeps pushing me in a direction I’m not quite sure of but that she knows where I’m going. :)

I don’t remember if I talked about it or not right now, but we had a antrual horsemanship trainer here by the name of Hank Hepperly (Website here- http://www.downhomenaturalhorsemanship.com/) Very interesting man, very agile. Lol. We had a problem horse by the name of Ice Device (wish a name like that I’d be a problem horse too..) Anywho, Hank took him into the round pen. Did an amazing join up with him. Worked with some whip desensitizing, and then hopped on his back. Previously in Ice Devices riding career he was a bolter and a bucker. He would bolt and slam people into walls, and was just an in general angry horse. Hank developed a mastery over Ice. Hank rode him bareback and bridleless. No bolting. Nothing bad. He did lots of bending, and when Ice thought about bolting, Hank corrected him. This man is incredibly agile, but as one of my bosses Erin Brinkman said “he’s young and still  has a lot to learn” But I think if he sticks to it, he’ll be amazing some day.

Now, Bruce Jackson.. will have to wait until morning time… ;)

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Work, Work, Work…..

Well, going on four weeks, as of…. Thursday. And I still love my job. I’m learning so much, and my riding has improved greatly. :) Things are also looking up from what was going on the last two weeks… Lets start from the beginning… Upon arriving here, I found that this place does things entirely differently than any way I’ve ever done them. So, in return I felt like I was completely lost- like forgetting simple things that I should know how to do. I figure its because I got to the point where I was overwhelmed and just assumed in my brain I wouldn’t know anything they asked me to do. So my attitude got a little pissy, I felt like I was being treated like crap and just didn’t care. I was considering going home, and just giving up.. Then things turned around. I had a nice long chat with someone here at the barn, and my attitude has improved. :) I try to look at things in a positive manner, and always remember that no one here has to teach me, and no one here owes me anything. I scratch their back they’ll scratch mine, but I have to start it.. lol

I’m also improving my riding immensely, and am very proud of the effort I’ve been putting into everything here at the barn. Tomorrow I get to meet a kinesiologist (sp?), one of the best in North America.. I don’t remember his name right now, as I’m whipped and falling asleep at my laptop. I’ll explain more tomorrow. :)

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8 Days in, and I’m exhausted

Ok, Not really… But here’s a day in my new life:

6:30 am- Roll out of bed

between 6:30-7:30am- Eat breakfast, get dressed

7:30am-9:00am Bring in ‘inside’ horses. About 30 horses are brought in every morning from the pastures. Also during this time prepare and feed the outside horses about 30 of them as well. M-F our secretary prepares the inside barn feed for the morning time. Saturdays, and Sundays we feed morning and night inside the barn,

9:00- 10:30am- Break time. Eat an early lunch, change into riding breeches, a lot of time I do laundry at this time, also at this time any running into town I try to get done as well.

10:30am-4pm- Wok and ride anywhere from 1-5 horses. Basically as many as you have time for. Free jumping them, lunging them, riding, and first breaking them.

4pm- prepare inside and outside food. Feed everyone, and take the inside horses outside to their pastures. Same number go out as came in that morning.

6pm- Walk in my front door, shower, eat dinner, and be a couch potato. :]

One major difference I’ve learned between English and Western is contact. Contact, Contact, Contact. The seat is totally different, riding warmbloods is totally different, the tightness of the reins is totally different. I’m learning SO MUCH every day. Its crazy!

And now, getting to what I started this blog for. I got my first filly to work with today. She’s pretty ouchie from not having her feet trimmed regularly, I think they said two months?… thats a little bit ridiculous. Any-who. Her name is First Wish, I keep calling her last wish by mistake.

So, Day 1 with Wish as I think I’ll call her. I put her in the round pen and chased her around a little bit trying to achieve an easy join up. Of course, you’ll never get it the easy way… Lol. After giving her a break, I worked with her uneasyness of the lunge whip, rubbing it all over her and pausing when I got a positive reaction. We made it a short session today ended on a positive note of her chewing and lowering her head to me while I was asking her to move in the round pen. Tomorrow is a new day. we’ll see what happens. :]

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Day one starts Tomorrow

Well, after driving, and driving, and driving, and driving some more. Two blown tires, and my grandpa and I almost killing eachother. I’m here. And I LOVE IT. wait, let me express this again. I LOVE IT HERE. My roommate is amazing, my new place is second rate.. but still great. Jean is a very nice lady, the farm is amazing. I have horses in my front yard, horses in my back yard. They’re everywhere, and I love it. And they’re huge.

Work starts tomorrow, I miss everyone so much. Especially a couple of special people. ;) You know who you are.

Well, will update tomorrow.

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Life is Beautiful

^Thats my thought for the day… sorry to everyone who reads this (the far and few between) I’ve been way busy, and haven’t had time to update.

To my loyal readers ;) I’m now in Mt Vernon, Kentucky, my cell phone reception sucks, and I’m loving being on the road. It really hit me this morning, as I’m finishing packing my things, and Moe knows something was going on. She wouldn’t leave my heels as I walked back and forth in the house grabbing last minute things, then she squeezed herself between my backseat, and a box. Literally, squished. Poor girl, she just doesn’t understand why I’m not there, and why I left. I wish I could just explain to her. I guess it just really hit me, I started talking to her and crying. I was telling her I loved her, and that I’d be back for Christmas, and that maybe I could take her back with me. I know she tried, but she just didn’t comprehend. Makes me sad.

Get down to my dads this morning, beat my Grandpa by about… 3 minutes. Oh, update: Grandpa put my car on a trailer, and is pulling it down to Florida with his truck. Once he drops me off he’s stopping by my Great Great Uncle Bud’s place in Ashville, NC. He was worried about me, so I agreed to let him take me. He’s also paying for gas, and is great company while driving down the road. So, back on topic. I get down to Dads, get everything loaded up. Dad hands me a letter and tells me not to read it until later that night. And I start crying again. I’m going to miss everyone so much. But I won’t let homesickness get the best of me. I’ve got to do this. Since making this decision I’ve felt like I really have a meaning in life. And its just a pull- I WANT to do this.

Ok, so walking around the hotel talking on the phone, and I walk into an Orb Weaver web… yep, welcome to Kentucky. 610 miles to drive tomorrow.. Its gonna be a long day, So I’m going to cut this blog shorter than I’d like to. But, I will work on writing another one tomorrow while I’m on the road.

Turning over a new leaf in life, I’m growing as a person and can’t wait to see my future. <3

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Getting Away For a Week

Well, wake up this morning to a list of cleaning to do before I can leave for the cabin. Thanks Mom! Not like I haven’t been here all week!

Anyways.. escaping to the cabin with my Dad, Mary, and I’m assuming Gage his old lady, and Alyssia, and her bff. Will be gone until.. uhhh I think Tuesday. We’ll see though. Won’t be posting until I get back!

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13 Days and Counting

Woops, missed a post yesterday. But its alright, nothing happened. *grin*

I went through a couple boxes in the garage. Mom freaked out [per-usual]. Then tells my brother and I “go get your checks and cash them so you can give me money..”

-Pardon me while I got into a relatively large rant….-

Excuse me Mother. I understand you do not like the idea of your little girl growing up, and moving out of state. Its a big jump, I get your anxiety. But for Christs sake! You do not need to do your best to hinder my going. My Father and Grandfather are stepping up to the plate and helping me, I don’t expect any money from you, as a matter of fact, I don’t really want it. Because you’ll use your sick manipulative ways to say somehow I have to pay you back within xxx amount of unreasonable time. So please, what I ask? Let me peacefully go through my things, live here for… 13 more days without having to wake up fighting, and walking on egg shells, and just be general happy for my time remaining in Michigan. Is that to much to ask for? /facepalm. Thats it.. I have one more day of unplanned magnitude. Next Thursday, and I think I’m going to plan on hiding in the deep deep woods. Because Lord knows staying here will be hell. Ugh. This could go on. But I’m going to end it here.

/end rant —

On a kind of happier note. Lets talk about feelings. We all have them, but when your moving out of state, realizing you have some great feelings for someone tends to just rip your heart out. We’ve all had it, the situation that would be great if circumstances weren’t separating you in a short period of time. Song writers thrive on this sort of thing, poets do too. But, in the end it will all turn out for the best. Thats all anyone can hope for, that in the end it will all work out. I have faith in myself, and the direction in my life.

Which leads me to another topic. Faith, and direction in your life. Some of you who know me well, know I have a wandering heart. I yearned for travel, something different. A change of scenery. Different faces. That might be why I love the ocean so much. Who knows. But who knows really. I know, that since deciding to not return to college this fall, but to chase my dreams I feel almost… content.  Thats not even the right word. At peace maybe would work. All I know, is its beyond the small contentment of a road trip to Lake Michigan, or a short relationship to keep me busy. I feel like I have a direction in my life right now, beyond making everyone else happy.

Still looking for a few things before I have my list of needed items for Florida completed. Chaps, and boots mostly. I bought a couple pairs of breeches so I think I’m pretty much good on that. I’m getting anxious. I figured it out, I have one day after today of nothing planned. Not sure what I’ll do yet though honestly.

Went up to the mart (Wal*Mart) around Midnight last night to get some oil and such to get my car ready. :) I even bought a new smelly thing to make it smell good! I visited with some old co-workers who miss me. Seems like we’re throwing a second going away party on the night before I leave because they’re awesome. You know when a group of people go through a traumatic experience and from there on out are still great friends and such because they got so close and had to stick together to endure the hardship? Wal*mart employee’s. Really. I’m a little hung over though, because one great Wal*mart friend and I decided it was a good idea to buy a couple beers, and start a big ole’ fire. I’m not usually a beer girl, but I was in the mood last night. We all know how it goes.

But heres to good people, and great friends. I love you all. 13 more days and counting left in the state of Michigan.  Lets make em all good ones.

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